It’s Jingle Bells Time!

Bring out that bag of Christmas tree decorations and get ready to light it all up. It’s Christmas and all the fun that goes with it. Everywhere you look you might see Christmas wreaths and bright lights on houses indicating that preparations are in full flow. Every hour or so you might hear children singing “Jingle Bells” which adds to the overall feeling of Christmas this time of the year.


The Christmas holidays are widely anticipated by people all over the world for a variety of reasons.  Some see it as a break from the tight schedules; others look forward to getting back together with friends and family after a long time. Children returning from colleges and universities relish homemade food and blankets after months of living in dormitories. But the one thing that is common for all is the feeling of enjoyment and relaxation.  Old friendships are renewed as the aura of togetherness engulfs us all.

The joy of decorating the Christmas tree is a unique one that comes once a year. The entire experience contributes to the feeling of being with people you love and don’t get to see often due to the pressures of a highly tasked schedule. Christmas is a time to appreciate the little things in life and make the most of them.

Pittsford University wishes al its students a very happy Christmas with their loved ones. We should all savor these moments and make the most of them so that they can be savored as good memories in the years to come.



Pittsford University- Making Education Possible

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, businesses do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game. To do this, they require skilled human resource that will be a source of productivity and profit to the organization.

In several countries around the world, unemployment is a major issue. In addition, a lot of people don’t even have access to proper education and as a result are not eligible for high level jobs. The current condition of the world economy has made it more imperative for people to do multiple jobs and find other sources of income apart from their jobs. But how can they do so when education is not within their reach?


Online education is fast rising as a workable solution to this problem. Online universities are now offering accredited and globally acceptable degrees to students around the world so that they can study online and get a degree on that basis. Prominent among these names is Pittsford University, a US-based online university that caters to students all over the world, especially the Middle East.  The University has separate chapters for the Middle East countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE among others. Pittsford University offers region-specific education to students in these regions so that they may be able to find lucrative employment in their home country. The curriculum also meets international standards of education as well which means that should students wish to pursue education or a career in foreign countries, their degrees will be acceptable there as well and make them eligible for further education and job opportunities.

Pittsford University takes pride in its educational standards which are on par with those of traditional universities. The University seeks to give all students an equal chance at education no matter what their geographical, financial or educational backgrounds. As of now, the University is the alma mater of over 40,000 students and the numbers are increasing every day.

Big Data Getting Bigger!

Technology has lately been recognized as the driving force in many aspects of life and therefore we see a growing need and use for big data and the algorithms. Not only that the use of ‘big data’ has gained popularity due to its availability but rather it is the need to understand the trends and consumers’ course of action that has given rise to this phenomenon. Interestingly this is not where the story ends, it is just one small part of the bigger picture.

As mentioned earlier, the growing use of technology, it has expanded and continues to do so in every single area of operation. Ranging from marketing to medicine, organizational decision-making to parole judgments; intended to mitigate risk.

But very recently, a number of researchers have suggested that algorithms should be used on a wider scale, giving them a more responsible job and re-assign them as the primary medium of decision-making instead of human in the hot seat. They claim that humans are more likely to make mistakes whether they work with or without algorithms hence, humans are only making this transition harder along with the cost of making inaccurate decisions due to the unavoidable human error.

It is widely argued that this shift in the role is inevitable in future but this realization will only make the shift easier and more open-heartedly accepted.

This shift in by no means considered to come some easily as there are many who are seriously worried about their power and authority when the role of decision-making is taken off their portfolio. At the same time there are numbers who believe that they are the best of all decision-makers and at least irreplaceable by a man-made set of algorithms. These factors definitely will play a crucial role in how this transition takes place and the magnitude of resistance faces by this change, like any other.

The best way to find that out is to wait and watch how events unfold in the future but as a matter of fact, there is a very little chance that the significance of algorithms can be under-valued provided their growing use and level of accuracy.

At Pittsford University we understand and acknowledge the same and encourage the use of the advanced data profiles to ensure that our processes and decision-making have minimal chance of failure. These systems are currently helping our faculty and student is the departments of mathematics, medicine and aviation.


Expo 2020- A World of Opportunities

Events like world expos, sports events, awards and exhibitions are a good way to bring people from all over the world together and give each country a chance to showcase its innovations, treasures and culture. It’s a great way to learn and a golden chance for exposure. In today’s world of interconnectivity and global communications, the world has become a global village where everyone has access to the same things and can share resources easily.

The Expo 2020 will be hosted by the UAE in 2020, a first for the Arab world. The theme of the upcoming expo is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, which reflects the current state of the world. The expo will feature a dazzling display of technology, human genius, art, culture and a lot more. As a direct consequence of Dubai winning the bid to host this mega event, a lot of employment opportunities have been forecasted. These are in the areas of architecture, real estate, arts and crafts, event management, travel agencies and many others.

xpo 2020, Dubai UAE

This is good chance for people living and employed in Arab countries to exhibit their talents. It is also an opening for people to start upgrading their educational credentials in order to be eligible for the wide variety of positions offered by the Expo 2020. Universities and other educational institutes, including Pittsford University, are receiving an increasing number of enrollment applications from people who wish to acquire a formal education degree in order to be a part of the Expo 2020. Because the Expo will feature developments and innovations from all over the world and gives a chance to all to show display their talent and expertise, a degree is necessary in order to achieve this. Pittsford University offers a number of degree programs in a variety of majors which students can enroll in. This is made easier because of the scholarships available to the students through which the financial burden of acquiring can education is reduced significantly.

Pittsford Wishes You A Very Happy Thanksgiving

Pittsford university wishes you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Let us take this opportunity to thank our students, our faculty and our technical team members for making the preceding year so fruitful. A special thanks on this Thanksgiving to our faculty members who worked round the year with 100% dedication in order to maintain the best quality of education for our students. A special treat to our readers on Thanksgiving follows in the form of a brief history of Thanksgiving.

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday honoring the early settlers and their harvest feast known as the first Thanksgiving.

Native Americans
Long before settlers came to the East Coast of the United States, the area was inhabited by many Native American tribes. The area surrounding the site of the first Thanksgiving, now known as southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island had been the home of the Wampanoag people for over 12,000 years, and had been visited by other European settlers before the arrival of the Mayflower. The native people knew the land well and had fished, hunted, and harvested for thousands of generations.

The Celebration
One day that fall, four settlers were sent to hunt for food for a harvest celebration. The Wampanoag heard gunshots and alerted their leader, Massasoit, who thought the English might be preparing for war. Massasoit visited the English settlement with 90 of his men to see if the war rumor was true. Soon after their visit, the Native Americans realized that the English were only hunting for the harvest celebration. Massasoit sent some of his own men to hunt deer for the feast and for three days, the English and native men, women, and children ate together. The meal consisted of deer, corn, shellfish, and roasted meat, far from today’s traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Victims of Typhoon Haiyan Bleakly Await Aid

The world went into a state of horror and despairs as the typhoon Haiyan ripped though the central Philippines and left thousands homeless. The total damage has been estimated to be around $ 1.1 billion and over 4000 fatalities have been confirmed so far. The typhoon bought with it a whole trail of devastation and destruction that has disrupted the lives of the victims.

People all over the world have been trying to help the victims and contribute some sort of normalcy to their lives. Donations and relief camps have been established that seek to provide the victims of the typhoon Haiyan with clothing, food and other dry goods. Be they educational institutes like schools and universities, or established multinational organizations, everyone everywhere is trying to do their part in helping these victims.


In the history of the Philippines, this is the second deadliest cyclone to date. Before Haiyen, the country suffered the aftermath of the hurricane called Tropical Storm Thelma, which in 1991 caused floods that killed thousands of people. Even so, typhoon Hiayen is being called as the strongest and deadliest typhoon ever to make landfall.

However, a lot of malicious enterprises and individuals take advantage of people’s concerns and set up scam donation operations. These can be either in the form of email scams or on social media websites like Facebook. Several volunteers of Pittsford University compiled a few tips to avoid being scammed and losing your money intended for a generous cause:

  • Do a quick background check about who you are making the donation to. It may sound like a tedious task but if you are spending your hard earned money for a good cause you should be sure it is being put to the right use.
  • Beware of entities asking you to provide your social security card number or other personal and financial details.  Real social enterprises don’t ask for extensive details so don’t volunteer unnecessary information.
  • Track your donations. This is especially ideal if you make the payment through a credit which will allow you to know exactly when and where your payment is being used.      

Pittsford University encourages all its students to participate in the noble cause such as helping out the victims of hurricane Haiyen and trying to make a difference to their lives.

Halloween Scholarships- Candy and Dollars All in One!

In the spirit of the spookiest times of the year, Pittsford University wishes its students all over the world a Happy Halloween. Well aware of the fact that Halloween is celebrated throughout the world in different ways, the University wishes its international student base a creative day filled with fun.


Halloween is a time of enjoying with family and friends and stuffing goodies at the same time. It’s that time when you can still anticipate the yummy batch of candy apples to emerge piping hot from the oven, no matter what age you are. Children make the most of the occasion, getting excited about their outfits and the candy they will collect.  Parents are more concerned with the dental health of their children, and try to take steps to ensure there are no post-Halloween visits to the dentist on account of the Halloween candy.

At Halloween, every restaurant, park, mall, building and resort seems to be decked out in orange and black with cheekily grinning carved pumpkins in the windows. This is exactly what lends that unmistakable Halloween-ish feel to the entire season and surroundings. No matter where in the world you are, there is something everywhere that reminds one of the time of the month and what it means.

Commercially, Halloween is also the time for sales on a lot of items which further serve to make the event much anticipated by bargain-seekers. Especially in the Western world, Halloween, like Eater’s and Christmas is laden with good purchase packages that add a little more zing to the season.

Pittsford University wishes all its students all over the globe a very Happy Halloween.  The University is also offering scholarships for the occasion and students can apply to these by October 31st. Pittsford University has always believed in offering education in a way that reduces financial burden and maximizes the learning experience, and this offer is indicative of this belief.